What are CUET and CUCET?

What are CUET and CUCET?

India will witness the massive entrance examination, CUET 2022, for the first time, making university admissions centralized. It is a highly significant test for students, parents, teachers, and probably every other stakeholder. Along with the apprehension of the first-ever Common Entrance Test, there are a lot of misconceptions, myths, misunderstandings, and confusion. So let us end some of the prevalent dilemmas and chaos centering around the exam. 

Most of the confusion is because of the name itself. People are dead-end confused about whether it is CUET or CUCET? Well, in the first place – it is CUET 2022. The terms have been used quite synonymously over time, but the actual term is CUET or Common University Entrance Test. Now you just be thinking that CUCET is a misnomer then, a sign of ignorance in spelling by few people. Well, it is not that. 

CUET or CUCET? – Which is the Correct Version?

When the Education Ministry of India came up with the Centralized Admission Test Model, it was named CUCET, which stands for Central University Common Entrance Test. But later on, it became CUET. The significant difference between the two – The first is that CUCET did not include compulsion criteria in it. That means the Centralised universities didn’t necessarily have to participate in it. 

The Government did appeal to them to conduct their admissions through the merit list of this examination. But it was not compulsory for them. However, now the Government has changed decisions, and the whole CUCET has been revamped to CUET, which is mandatory for all the Centralized Universities. 

At this point, all the Centralized Universities of India have to conduct their admission through the merit list and ranking in the Common University Admission Test. Thus CUET and CUCET refer to the same examination, only that CUET is the latest revamped version of the test. 

All the Centralized Universities will now have to conduct admission to their courses through the Common Universities Entrance Test results. Admissions to both UG and PG courses are in the same way.

 However, one crucial piece of information to note is that India’s ODL (Open/Distance Learning) learning mode may refrain from the CUET criterion. That means universities like the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) may not conduct admission based on the CUET scores. 

Who Can Apply For the CUET 2022?

The CUET 2022 Entrance examination is the stepping way for all the UG and PG courses. 

Eligibility for applying:

  • The CUET examination for all the UG courses will be open to students who have passed Class XII or any equivalent examination. 
  • The CUET exam for the PG courses is open to students with a graduation or bachelor’s degree. Alternatively, a student should possess an equivalent degree from a recognized institution. 

NTA or the National Testing Agency will conduct the CUET to make admissions to universities fairer, and accessible to all and provide a single-window chance for students across the nation to enroll themselves in their deemed universities. This is a critical step in the National Education Policy of India. 

The examination shall be open for all the subject courses offered in these universities. CUET is expected to be one of the best educational implications in India because it shall eliminate prejudices associated with the entrance examinations. The students will all be assessed on the same grounds, and students from across the country can now get admitted to their chosen Central University through CUET marks and merit ranking. 

Wrapping it Up

This examination is the tunnel to getting into the Centralized Universities in India. There are multiple regulations of the examination that one needs to understand. These aspects are the sections from which questions shall be asked, the syllabus, the marking pattern, etc. One also needs to understand the counseling process after the examination results are out. So, keep a check on the website for all the upcoming news.

Since CUET is the first of its kind, students may drift away from the core preparation track. If you want to avoid confusion and make your admission process smooth and hassle-free, it is vital to enroll yourselves in some worthy CUET preparation test series. By practicing some mock tests, a student can have a fair idea of how the exam situation can be. Overall, the examination is expected to be student-friendly. This is a Computer Based Test CBT. Hence, students must also ensure that they have basic computer proficiency to prevent wasting time during the examination. 

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