Why is CUET Exam Important for Your Career?

Why is CUET Exam Important for Your Career?

CUET is an entirely new concept in the history of the Indian education system. The Central Universities Common Entrance Test will be one of India’s most prominent entrance examinations. Before the arrival of the CUET concept, almost all the centralized universities had their autonomous entrance examinations for admission to various graduate and post-graduate courses.

However, in that case, a student had to appear for multiple entrance examinations to get admission to graduate courses. The CUET or Central Universities Common Entrance Test is a unified, centralized entrance examination that alone shall dictate a student’s rank. Admission to the 45+central universities in India will be based on the scores of the CUET. In addition, NTA or National Testing Agency will conduct the CUET examination. The same centralized institution conducts various other vital exams in the country. 

Why is CUET so Important for Your Career?

When discussing why CUET is necessary for your career, we must mention that getting admitted to a good university or college can put your life on the right track. Almost all the students are affiliated with some education board at the school level. In India, we have the Central Board of Secondary Education, the Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE), and various state boards. This is one of the core reasons students can stay in their locations and carry out schooling.

However, when it comes to college or university-level education, the concept becomes Pan India. Students from across the country fight to secure a seat in the National Universities. Hence, a centralized examination is very crucial in this case.

  • The CUET exam is the stepping stone towards big success. If students can secure satisfactory marks and a good rank in the CUET exam, their future studies become smooth and hassle-free.
  • Suppose any student can get admission to prestigious National Universities. In that case, they can get better exposure, acquire education from some of the most qualified expert professors in the country, and experience a world-class infrastructure.
  • Studying in prestigious universities means that you get a quality education and ensures that you get the best placement opportunities and job offers. Apart from looking at the skills you own in the professional field, the interview desk also screens students based on which college and university they belong to. This makes a crucial difference in the selection process while screening multiple candidates. 
  • With the help of the CUET examination, students can stay away from the immense burden of XII board examinations. A student has to go through a challenging phase during this time because, in many universities, admission is still based on marks. But with the CUET examination, students are assured that even if their board examination marks are not too good, they can still get admitted to their deemed universities. 

How is CUET Important in the National Education of India?

Now let us understand the importance of introducing CUET in the National Education Scenario of India. 

  • CUET is probably the best way to ensure equal access for every student to higher education. CUET is meant to remove biases from the college and university entrance examination. Till now, there has been no unified central platform in India that could ensure the admission of students to central universities.

Each university had its mechanism for admission. So they paid a heavy weightage on Board Examination results while some conducted their entrances. This created a clear unfair ground for admissions. The CUET has been introduced into the picture to end all such biases.

  • CUET also ends the subjective biases. Many students do not get admission in their aspired subjects because of poor marks in the other associated subjects. With CUET, students can now pay attention to the subject they wish to pursue further studies in. And their performance in other closely related subjects will not affect their admission. One can opt for CUET in their method subject and excel according to their capabilities. 
  • The students will get a fair idea about their national rank with CUET. Initially, there was no clearly defined rank concept in India’s higher education admission system. But, with the introduction of CUET, now the students can have a clear concept of where they stand in the National Sphere.

CUET has immense advantages. If you want to crack the exam, enroll yourself in a good CUET exam preparation course. Do not forget to opt for a regularly scheduled CUET mock test for better exam preparation. All the Best!

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