CUET 2022 Exam: Tips and Tricks You Need to Follow to Prepare for the Exam

CUET 2022 Exam: Tips and Tricks You Need to Follow to Prepare for the Exam

There is never a perfect fit for all model exam preparation strategies. It isn’t easy to figure out a study plan to fetch excellent results, and every individual has a unique way of exam preparation. The CUET exam is an essential gateway to admission to the best universities. But to crack the CUET exam, one needs to have a strategic approach to the preparation. CUET Preparation should be backed by effective study techniques to ace the exam and gain fantastic results.

CUET Exam Preparation Tips

CUET is about to become the most significant entrance examination in the history of India, with 54 most prestigious universities in the country organizing their admissions through this. Admission to the universities already poses tremendous mental pressure to the students as it shall mark the way for their future academic careers. There is also a massive burden on their class XII board examinations students. Therefore the strategy to prepare for CUET must be student-centric and flexible. Let us have a look at the most effective tips and tricks for CUET Preparation: 

Effective Tips and Tricks to Tackle CUET Exams

  • Pay Vital Attention to the Needs of the Exam

One cannot crack all the entrance exams with the same strategy. CUET has a different nature and approach to questioning, and to ace it, you have to understand the nature of the exam well. This can be a little difficult because this is the first-ever CUET in India. So, one does not have the chance to assess the previous year’s paper. However, a student can opt for mock tests to understand the exam pattern and prepare accordingly.

  • Have a Fair Idea of the Syllabus

It is crucial to explore the CUET Syllabus properly. Without understanding the syllabus, no strategy can fetch desired results. Understanding the syllabus will help the candidate prepare a shortlist of the topics that must be covered. It will also help formulate a priority list of topics that must be covered at the beginning and a list of not so important or secondary importance topics that can be done later. 

  • Work As Per a Schedule

The CUET exam shall occur when there is enough pressure and hype on the students regarding their board exams. Therefore, it may become overwhelming for the students to deal with so much at a time. The best way to get started and sorted is to prepare a timetable for yourself. Dedicate some time every day for the CUET preparation. Since many exam topics will overlap with your board syllabus, there will be very few topics that need to be prepared exclusively for CUET. Devote time to them, and stick to the timetable. While framing a timetable for yourself, remember two important things: Make it flexible, and allot at least 90 minutes every day for CUET preparation. 

  • Practice

Practice will help you become perfect and will create a simulated exam environment. One piece of advice is to practice CUET exam mock test papers exactly in an exam-like setting. After opting for the practice tests, you shall be able to understand your strength and weaknesses and how far you can manage the time. Once you identify the core areas of concern, work on them. 

  • Hold Your Focus Steady 

It is quite a natural thing to break down under so much pressure. This period is perhaps the most crucial phase in a student’s life, and most students cannot handle this pressure. The average trend in students is to give up or crumble under pressure. But that should not be the approach. Think positive and be steady. Your aim is not to succumb to the situation. Instead, hold your focus and keep calm for your CUET Preparation.

Critical Points for CUET Preparation

  • Concentrate on concept-building because rote learning is insufficient for CUET entrance
  • Focus more on your weaker areas
  • CUET preparation is not all about mugging up facts – so try to understand the application areas as well
  • Start early preparation to get enough time for concept building and practice.
  • Devote time consistently
  • Prepare a flexible timetable but stick to it
  • The greater the number of test papers practiced, the greater the probability of success.
  • Ensure to build time management strategies
  • Learn the hacks and tricks needed to solve sums quickly
  • Have a positive outlook and faith in yourself


CUET exam is an entirely new concept in the country. But remember that all your peers are in the same boat. Nobody has an advantage over you. It is not that difficult to ace the examination with goal-oriented preparation and suitable targets. All you need is rigorous practice, consistency, and a positive outlook. 

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