CUET Exam Pattern


CUET Exam Pattern– On its official website, the NTA (National Testing Agency) has published the CUET 2022 exam schedule, syllabus, and significant subjects by subject. CUCET was recently renamed CUET by the test board. By visiting the official examination website, students taking the CUET 2022 exam can instantly download the CUET 2022 Examination curriculum, exam pattern, and key themes. To effectively prepare for the CUET 2022 Examination, students need to be conversant with all pertinent facts.

The CUET is a single-stage test with purely objective questions.

The exam’s questions will take the form of multiple-choice questions, per the most recent CUET 2022 exam format (MCQs).

Learn how to get the CUET 2022 answer key and determine your expected score.

About CUET 2022

The NTA will administer the CUET Exam, also known as the Common University Entrance Test, for UG Admissions at all of India’s Central Universities. Based on the results of the CUET 2022 exam administered by NTA, 54 Central Universities will admit students to their UG programs. Important information for the CUET Exam includes

Particulars Details
Exam Name Central University Common Entrance Test (CUET
Duration Slot 1: 3 Hours 15 Minutes

Slot 2: 3 Hours 45 Minutes

Number of Questions Section 1: Languages (40 Questions to be attempted out of 50 Questions)

Section 2: Domain-Specific (40 Questions to be attempted out of 50 Questions)

Section 3: General Test (60 Questions to be attempted out of 75 Questions)

Number of Sections 3 Sections (Language, Domain-Specific, General Test)
Exam Language The exam will be conducted in 13 languages.

CUET: Exam Pattern

Now that you know all about the CUET Exam, let us now take a look at the CUET Exam Pattern in detail.

CUET Exam Pattern 2022

Sections Subjects/ Tests No. of Questions To be Attempted Duration
Section IA 13 Languages  50 40 in each language 45 minutes for each language
Section IB 19 Languages 
Section II 27 Domain-specific Subjects  50 40 45 minutes for each subject
Section III General Test 75 60 60 minutes

The details about the contents of the sections are mentioned in the next section.

CUET 2022 Section-Wise Exam Pattern


Test/ Subject

Total number of questions

Total number of questions to be attempted




13 Languages 50 Questions 

(per language)

40 Questions

(per language)

45 Minutes

(each language)



20 Languages (Different from Section 1A) 50 Questions 

(per language)

40 Questions

(per language)

45 Minutes

(each language)



27 Domain- Individual Subjects 50 Questions  40 Questions 45 Minutes

(each subject)

Section  General Aptitude Test 75 Questions 65 Questions 60 Minutes

Sections 1A and 1B both rate the effectiveness of the language used. From sections 1A and 1B combined, students may choose three languages. The student’s sixth domain-specific subject must be replaced with the third language they choose.

13 different languages are present in Section 1A: Any of these languages may be chosen by students. To evaluate students’ language abilities, many types of questions will be used, such as reading comprehension (different types of passages—literary, factual, and narrative), literary aptitude, and vocabulary. On the other hand, Section 1B has 20 languages. The languages indicated in section 1A are not the only ones available to students.

Section 2: This section has 27 topics that are specific to various domains. According to the relevant colleges/universities, a student may choose up to six domains.

The general aptitude test is included in Section 3 for any undergraduate program/programs that a university offers and that require an aptitude test for admission. This portion assesses general knowledge, general mental capacity, current events, numerical aptitude, quantitative reasoning (simple application of fundamental mathematical concepts such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and measurement taught till Grade 8), and analytical and logical thinking.


The updated CUET 2022 exam schedule has been made public by NTA for 2022. The CUET 2022 test pattern covers all the details of the exam’s format, scoring system, and list of significant subject-specific subjects. The exam will be given online as a computer-based test by the most recent CUET 2022 exam pattern. Depending on the course a student chooses, the exam’s length varies. Thus, to make their preparation easier and aid them in getting good marks, students must carefully analyze the most recent test pattern and crucial themes before starting their CUET 2022 preparation.

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